Kyle Shanahan: Arm fatigue “not a concern” with Trey Lance

Trey Lance‘s ascension to the No. 1 quarterback job with the 49ers this offseason came with plenty of rave reviews from teammates about Lance’s fitness for the job.

It also came with reports indicating that Lance struggled with arm fatigue that required him to take days off from throwing at points since he entered the NFL. Wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk mocked those reports and head coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t do anything to lend them credence during an appearance on The TK Show ahead of training camp.

“No, it’s not a concern at all,” Shanahan said, via “Trey had some injuries last year when he broke his finger and stuff that he had to adjust some things to fight through and get through which made him have some weeks where he did have a sore arm and things like that. But, I haven’t had a quarterback I’ve ever gone through in my career where there wasn’t one time in that year where their arm wasn’t bothering them. So, there’s no like difference in other guys or arm fatigue or anything like that. He had a great OTAs. He’s in as good of a place right now as I’ve been around and I just can’t wait for him to start practice here in a couple days.”

The 49ers will be holding four straight practices after all of their players report to camp on Tuesday and the schedule over the rest of the summer will provide ample opportunity to see if Lance’s arm has any issue standing up to the workload required of an NFL starter.