Welsh mom and toddler son find message in a bottle on the beach

A visitor to a Welsh beach said her young son found a message in a bottle on the shore — and the note inside bore a sentiment she found particularly meaningful.

Lauren Couchman-Graham said she and her 2 1/2-year-old son, Teddy, were walking along the beach in Prestatyn, Denbighshire, when the toddler spotted a bottle washed up on shore.

Couchman-Graham opened the bottle, revealing a handwritten message reading: “To Dad. We will continue to tell Olivia about you. Lots of love from Diddy and Jen.”

The mother said the message was particularly meaningful for her.

“Teddy was so excited he’d found ‘treasure’ and I thought the message was really cute. Having lost my dad I often talk about him to my son, so I’m guessing this is what the sender here meant,” Couchman-Graham told North Wales Live.

Couchman-Graham said she is hoping the authors of the message will contact her. She said the bottle was returned to the water after she snapped photos.

The Keep La Marque Beautiful Commission in Texas said earlier in July that Terry Pettijohn, a member participating in a clean-up event at Highland Bayou Park, found a message in a bottle among the 400 pounds of trash gathered by members and volunteers.

The bottle had been launched in 1995 by Brian Standefer and three friends. Standefer said he was shocked to learn the bottle had been found after so much time had passed.